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Acquiring a second language is not as simple as learning contents, it is a skill that has to be learned step by step. Requires a process of recognition, assimilation and usage. Our teens program will help you to learn from the most basics of Spanish to the most advanced.

At Spanish Tutors London we use a wide range of materials for teaching Spanish to teens, the decision of which books to use will be based on the age of the student, the level, and the learning objectives.  The different available programs for teens vary from lessons for fun, for GCSE exam preparation, DELE etc.   Learn more about our teens program

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We will accompany you in the journey of learning Spanish as an adult. Our adult Spanish course materials follow the official syllabus to learn Spanish as a foreign language. Regardless if you want to learn for fun or for exam proposes the books at beginner level are designed to cover all the basic topics that you need for daily life communication as well as to pass the official exam.  The methodology follows an interactive and communicative approach and we have materials specific for each level. You can see more details about our adults program.

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Spanish for kids program

Our Spanish for kids program is designed to awaken the interest for the spanish language since an early age through playing, singing, doing games while still following a syllabus that will make the younger ones learn Spanish while having fun. Students will be following books so that parents can follow their kids progress. In this program expect that you will learn not only colours and numbers but you will be able to introduce yourself in Spanish, be able to talk about daily life aspects like your home, your school, your free time etc. Find more details about our kids program.


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We understand the importance of getting a good grade and the limited time available for most students to prepare for their Spanish exam. After 20 years helping students achieving top grades in their Spanish GCSE's A-level, IB and DELE exams we know where to put the focus to boost your grades and what are the typical difficulties that you will face in the exam and how to overcome them.  Try one of our specialised exam oriented Spanish Tutors and you will find their teaching approach extremely useful to help you face your spanish exam. Learn more about Spanish for exams.

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