Spanish Lessons for the DELE Spanish exam

The DELE exam is the official exam provided by the Spanish Ministry of Education of Spain via the Instituto Cervantes. In London the Instituto Cervantes carries out this exam 3 times a year for all levels and age groups. The dates are typically in May, August and November every year. In their website you can find more information about the exact next upcoming date for you to take the exam. Note that you need to book your seat for the exam at least one month in advance. 


We have been preparing students for the DELE exam for more than 20 years. Our Spanish lessons for the DELE exam will help you prepare for each of the exam sections, the speaking, listening, writing and reading. Since lessons are tailor made we will put the focus on the parts of the exam that you are  the most weak. We have plenty of exam papers as well for you to practise with at home so you can get ready on time.

When you register you need to decide which level of the exam you are going to take. The beginners level and most common one is the A1 level and it has 2 versions, one for adults simply called DELE A1 and one for teenagers called DELE Escolar A1. To attend this level usually adults should have learned Spanish for around 80 hours while for teenagers this number may vary depending on the age of the student and their capacity to concentrarte in class. For elder teenagers they would require less study time as they are more self disciplined than younger ones. For the DELE Escolar you should also keep in mind that this exam is intended for teenagers, therefore if your kid is at a very young age (less than 11 years old) he or she will struggle with the exam simply because it is a timed exam which requires fast speed in replying questions and young kids struggle to read long exam texts compared to teenagers and they need more time to do every task correctly.

The exam will assess al qualities, that is reading writing speaking and listening. Student need to pass with 60/100 overall the reading + writing AND the speaking + listening. That means the score attained in the speaking part will be added up to the listening part and they have to average at least 60/100. Then the marks of the reading part of the exam and the writing part of the exam will be added together ad need to average at least 60/100. So it is not enough to overall achieve 60/100 in the exam but you need to get at least 60% in both areas. So if for example one student performs very bad in the speaking part of the exam and very good in reading and writing, she or he will still fail the exam.

One very important characteristic of the DELE exam is that it doesn't have any expiry date. This means that your certificate once obtained will always be valid. Of course if you don't practise Spanish for a long time after passing the exam your level would have decreased but the certificate will still be valid. Please note the grades of the exam will take around 2 months to be released after taking the exam.

The DELE exam directly relates to the 6 levels of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). That is A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Usually most of the books taught to teach Spanish have marked on the main cover one of these levels. So you can use your books that you have been learning with to have an idea of which level of the exam you should aim for.

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