Spanish Lessons for the IGCSE Spanish exam

Our Spanish tutors have many years of experience helping students achieve top grades for their GCSE exam. Most of them they achieve outstanding results no matter what school they are attending or what is their background. Parents and students should be aware however that if they start tutoring just 1 or 2 months before the exam they need to have reasonable expectations on the improvement that can be done in such short time.  That being said our teachers fully understand the weaknesses that students face and which areas can be improved the fastest to boost grades. 

Even though there are several exam boards like Cambridge, Ed-excel etc. all the exams have the same syllabus and students need to cover the same topics no matter what exam board. Knowing and understanding your exam board will be crucial when you are close to the exam so that the tutor can practise with you the relevant exercises, past papers and give you the best exam strategies for your exam board.

The main differences between exam boards are in relation to the exam structure, the design of the listening, reading writing and speaking papers and the tasks included in each paper. We are fully aware of how each skill is evaluated in each paper so that we can suggest you the appropriate strategies  to face the exam.

Understanding the published assessment criteria is essential to guide your kid into the right direction when practising past papers. A good understanding of these will help the student outperform other candidates with similar abilities.

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