Spanish Lessons for Adults

Our Spanish adult lessons are conducted following the official program to learn Spanish as a foreign language. At a beginners level anyone which is interested in learning Spanish can follow this program. If you want to learn Spanish for travel, for work or as a hobby this will suit you. Many of our students include professionals eager to improve their career, adults who plan to retire in Spain in the long term but want to learn it for fun on the meantime as well as adults interested in getting closer to the Spanish culture and way of life. 


Due to the different profiles of our students, we always adapt the Spanish lessons to your objectives regardless if you are learning privately or in a small group. As a base for our lessons we usually use the book Ele Actual A1, however if students have certain preferences we have other books available.


​We understand that learning Spanish as an adult can have extra difficulties for certain students. This is normal and nothing to be ashamed of as a student. Those struggles are typically in the listening comprehension and fluency in speaking. Don't lose hope in learning the language if you see yourself struggling in these areas as it is very normal. We will be there to help you practise the skills that you are most weak and give you exercises and tools to overcome these weaknesses. The teaching methodology that we follow is using a communicative approach to maximise the interaction time during the lessons.


If you want an official certificate of your Spanish level we can help you prepare for the DELE exam. This exam is backed from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes and is the most common exam used to certify the Spanish level of students worldwide. Students can register for this exam in most cities of the United Kingdom several times a year.  Some of our teachers are official examiners in DELE, so they understand the exam structure and they can make sure that you will pass the exam when you take it.  ​

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