Spanish Lessons for Kids

When kids start to learn Spanish at an early age they are able to incorporate the language in a more natural way. Experts suggest that kids rapidly master listening skills at a young age. At these stages they are capable of copying the sounds of the new language with a very accurate pronunciation. Starting early means they will also settle a good base for studying Spanish in secondary school years with less pressure. 

Starting early means your kid  will avoid having a foreign accent in the future. Experts propose a critical age that determines the student will not be able to produce properly some sounds of the foreign language, some of then considering it around 12 years old (Lennenberg), but others as soon as 6 years old (Flege).​


Our Spanish program for kids is specifically adapted for English speakers that are learning Spanish as a foreign language at their specific age. We use different books and materials for each age group  as follows:

3-4 years old, 5-7 years old and 8- 10 years old.

Our Spanish for kids program is designed to awaken the interest for the spanish language since an early age through playing, singing, doing games while still following a syllabus that will make the younger ones learn Spanish while having fun. Students will be following books so that parents can follow their kids progress. In this program expect that you will learn not only colours and numbers but you will be able to introduce yourself in Spanish, be able to talk about daily life aspects like your home, your school, your free time etc.

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