Spanish Lessons for Teenagers

Spanish is the first language learned after English in the UK. It is also the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers, being official in 21 countries. It is expected that the number of native speakers of Spanish will continue to grow. Currently 572 million people know how to speak Spanish.


In this context at Spanish Tutors London we understand the importance of teens learning Spanish and we have specific curriculums adapted for teenage students and also their specific learning goals. For example we follow a different syllabus, books and set of materials if  students aim to take Spanish for the GCSE exam or they are learning Spanish for pleasure or to pass a DELE exam. The decision of which books to use will be based on the age of the student, the level, and the learning objectives. Our teachers will decide with the help of the academic coordinator in agreement with the parents what is the best plan to follow. ​

Our all Spanish lessons for teenagers are interactive, dynamic and focused on giving you all the necessary tools to be able to use the Spanish language effectively on daily situations. In addition all lessons can be adapted to the needs of the students. In addition, preparing teens to perform better in the secondary school official exams is our expertise. We are big experts in all the curriculums including IB Diploma exams (International Baccalaureate), I/GCSE and A-Levels (British curriculum) and DELE or SAT.

For learning more about how we prepare teenagers for their official exams visit the specific section of Spanish for exams. 

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