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At Spanish Tutors London, we put students first. As a top Spanish Tutoring Center since 2000, we have strict quality controls in place to guarantee that all our teachers are professional, qualified, experienced efficient working towards your learning goals. All our Spanish tutors are trained regularly with customised techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better results every time. A wide range of resources, books and manuals are available for all our teachers. Get in touch to begin your path to success.

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We follow the official syllabus adapted to your needs and expectations.



Rigorous training, usage of exam techniques to get real results.



+ 20 years of experience tutoring Spanish to students.

Get to know our tutors: Committed Spanish native teachers with a degree or master in teaching and at least 5 years of teaching experience. We will recommend you the best Spanish tutors that match your availability, budget and preferences.  If for any reason you are not happy with your teacher, we will recommend you a different one. Find out more.



1. Is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers and the third in terms of known language world-wide.

2. It is easy to learn. Thanks to its similarities with English and its straight forward pronunciation of words, it is one of the easiest languages to learn for English native speakers.

3. Make your travel easier. Planning to go on a holiday to Spain or Central/South America? Being able to speak Spanish will help you communicate with the locals and get closer to the culture and its people.

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Spanish lessons for kids

Starting early means your kid  will avoid having a foreign accent in the future. Experts propose a critical age that determines the student will not be able to produce properly some sounds of the foreign language, some of then considering it around 12 years old (Lennenberg), but others as soon as 6 years old (Flege).​ Our Spanish program for kids is specifically adapted for English speakers that are learning Spanish as a foreign language at their specific age. We use different books and materials for each age group  as follows:

3-4 years old, 5-7 years old and 8- 10 years old. Find out more about kids program.

Spanish lessons for teenagers

Acquiring a second language is not as simple as learning contents, it is a skill that has to be learned step by step, requires a process of recognition, assimilation and usage.  Creating close-to-real situations with your teacher is essential for the cognitive process of learning the language. At Spanish Tutors London we use a wide range of materials for teaching Spanish to teens, the decision of which books to use will be based on the age of the student, the level, and the learning objectives. Our teachers will decide with the help of the academic coordinator in agreement with the parents what is the best plan to follow. ​ Lear more about our teens program.

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Spanish lessons for adults

Our adult Spanish course materials follow the official syllabus to learn Spanish as a foreign language. Regardless if you want to learn for fun or for exam proposes the books at beginner level are designed to cover all the basic topics that you need for daily life communication as well as to pass the official exam.  The methodology follows an interactive and communicative approach and we have materials specific for each level. Lessons can be adapted to each student need depending on their preferences. We also understand certain adults might have strong difficulties in very concrete areas but we will help you overcome those. You can see more details about our adults program.

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Spanish lessons for exams


What Former Students and Parents Have to Say

I have been learning with Mario for 3 years to prepare for my IB exam, thanks to him I managed to get a level 7 which is the highest score!

Noa Horowitz

Antonio is great, I started learning Spanish from scratch and thanks to him I was able to relocate with Spain and communicate with locals perfectly!

Lauren Mills

I have been learning with Laura for 2 years now. Her lessons are fun, engaging and she keeps me motivated to continue learning Spanish!

Tania Henderson

We have been helping students achieving top scores in their GCSE, A - Level, IB and DELE exams for 20 years. Our tutors are familiar with the different exam syllabus and will be able to provide you all the exam drills, tips and tricks to help you improve your grades in the shortest time possible. We understand which exam parts are the easiest to improve, and which are the typical errors that students make in their exam. You can learn more about our exam preparation program.

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