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spanish lessons in london for kids
Spanish teacher Nacho
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Spanish tutor GCSE
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spanish group class in london

Spanish lessons

for Adults

Spanish lessons

for Corporates & Organisations

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Spanish lessons

for Children

Spanish lessons

for Teens

Private Spanish lessons/
Online Spanish lessons

Spanish lessons

for Exam Preparation

Being bilingual is said to be insufficient as a competitive advantage in modern days, would you want to break a sweat in a later stage in life to remedy it? It is well known that childhood is the optimum period to pick up a skill. In Spanish lessons for Children, we provide full native Spanish environment exposure with safety guaranteed. Get to meet our early childhood pedagogy professionals, dabble into the Hispanic world with a myriad of nursery materials imported from Spain (See below.) Essentially an interactive workshop, your beloved ones will have their first bite of the language through games and activities, equipping and familiarising themselves with basic Spanish words and usages. Knowledge from previous levels of lessons will be revised regularly to avoid being forgotten.

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         Activities                      Achievements

  • Story-telling       -->  ☑ Simple Greets

  • Nursery Rhymes -->  ☑ Elementary Phonics

  • Arts & Crafts      -->  ☑ Fundamental Vocabulary

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Spanish teacher Ana
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         Activities                                   Achievements

  • Role Play                    -->  ☑ Hold a Short Conversation

  • Gamification              -->  ☑ Forming Sentences

  • Worksheet Exercises  -->  ☑ Enhance Vocabulary

Spanish lessons for Children
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Spanish lessons for Teens
Spanish teacher Nacho

With emphasis on activity-base learning, Spanish lessons for Teens supply a wider scope of Spanish knowledge to the youth while keeping their interest and academic performance in decent positions. The mix of serious and fun dynamics enables teenagers to acquire the knowledge in stress-free atmosphere. More mature topics would be introduced and discussed, including school lives, hobbies, gastronomy, fashion, etc; in hopes that the adults-to-be can utilize the language whenever intended or necessary in daily situations. The program also prepares them for their future examination if they opt to take one. The common curriculum reinforces the syllabus they need to study for GCSE, A-Levels, IB Spanish as well as DELE. The internationally recognised diploma opens up more pathways to a variety of tertiary education and job opportunities.

Spanish GCSE Mira books.png


Self Expression

Describe people around me

Describe My Surroundings


Simple Objects

Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers

Coloured Clothing


☑ Daily Life




Articles, Adjectives & Nouns Agreement

Conjugation of Present Tense Verbs

Sentence's Object Syntax

Spanish lessons for Adults
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Spanish is the first language learned after English in the UK. It is understandable that our clients want to learn the language for numerous reasons in London. Previously, we had people finding us because of business trip, relationship, holidays, emigration, hobbies, just learning a song and more; some specifically requested highlighting on conversation, grammar, accents, listening, culture and so on.


To satisfy all objectives, our study structure of Spanish lessons for adults is carefully designed, with reference to the latest version of last revision of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR,) to contain both academic and practical Spanish elements. The model strengthens the students’ ability to answer trivial and technical matters in Spanish no matter they are in formal or informal situations. Whether you are discussing how a machine works with your acquaintance or chitchatting about the weather with an officer, your speech and tone shall be able to sound natural and comprehensible. You will also become a potential candidate for the DELE exam, which is the official Spanish exam, accredited by Instituto Cervantes and by extension the Spanish government. Choose the level, take our classes, pass the exam, then receive a powerful official certification to enrich your resume. We will be using the book series shown attached.


Lastly, and just as importantly, don’t forget to have fun in the lessons. We do our best to explain the concepts and engage the lessons interestingly. Most of the students made friends with us. It is truly a fruitful learning journey.

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Spanish lessons for Exam Preparation
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Spanish tutor GCSE
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We clearly understand how concerned you are being the candidates themselves or as the parents whose child is going to sit for a university entrance exam very soon. We assure you the following supports in our classroom:



















We are devoted to I/GCSE Cambridge/Ed-excel/AQA board; IB Standard level/ Higher level/Ab Initio; AS/A-levels, SAT + AP and all DELE/SIELE levels exams. Teachers possess more than 8 years of experience in the respective exams. They are capable of pointing out students’ common mistakes and misconceptions in exam traps, planing out strategies for individual students and providing them with tips and question prediction. In fact, our database contains all the oral questions schools like to examine. We furthermore own a bank of question papers created by popular textbook publishers where reputed schools tend to use for their own quizzes and tests.

  • Content carefully structured by Head Program Coordinator Doctor


  • Taught by Highly Experienced Teachers


  • Extensive Assorted Mock Paper Training


  • Vocabulary Boost (Useful-lifelong vocab list arranged by topics)


  • Comprehension Homework + Listening Exercise


  • Grammar Kit (Hand Picked Drills + Home-made Conjugation Wheel)


  • Oral + Writing Questions Prediction


  • Exam Reference Book Bank


  • Online Resources and Support


  • School Based Assistance

Spanish lessons for Corporates & Organisations
Spanish graduation study.png

1. Phonics

2. Self Introduction

3. Workplace Language

4. Depict People, Venues & Figures

5. Describe Routines, Events & Schedules

6. Major E-mail Writing Techniques

7. Basic Tenses, Voices & Moods

8. Recognise Regional Dialects

9. And More...

                                                                                      Educational institutes and other                                                                                       local communities who would                                                                                           like to have Spanish learning as                                                                                       their regular lessons or                                                                                                     extracurricular activities are                                                                               welcome to reach us too. The academic elements of the course design varies depending on the nature of the sessions. They can either be more scholarly based or more on the cultural and fun side. Pricing for Spanish lessons for Corporates and Organisations is different from others on the ground of much bigger group size. Please contact us for further information.

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From time to time we receive requests from companies from Spain and local schools asking us for teachers to perform on-site teaching. For example, ZARA, the clothing brand and FC Barcelona, the football club. Businesses that wish their staff and colleague to receive a basic level of Spanish training on communication skills and such are welcome to select one of our teachers and their lesson planification. We suggest using the same textbooks we choose for Spanish lessons for Adults with free extra handouts to follow the lesson plan .

Private Spanish lessons/ Online Spanish lessons
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Online spanish learning
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Online Spanish lessons London_edited.jpg

Private 1 to 1 Spanish class allows you to have the full attention from the teacher which facilitates the learning progress. Our teachers are trained to use multiple online video conference platforms, primarily Google Meet. We will send you a link before the first lesson. Log on to your desired device, preferably with a big screen, using an email account. Click the button appeared to initiate the session. We recommend getting ready with the electronics 5 minutes prior to class, making sure the visual and audio work fine, to avoid being late and losing valuable lesson time.


In a systematic combination of reading-writing-listening-speaking and grammar exercises, students will have chances to express themselves in Spanish confidently and efficiently. Without time and space constraints, you can simply just take our virtual lessons any time anywhere with quality assured. Teachers will also send you personalised homework and extra materials via the application of email so you can maintain the learning when you are off class. This can include writing exercises, articles for reading and even some entertainment like a cortametraje for listening and cultural content. Some may concern the effectiveness of online learning, statistics however shows that the majority of junior learners perform equally as good if not better in tests. Nowadays in this information era, not only will you need to speak Spanish but also speak technologies to become a successful cosmopolitan leader!

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