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With more than 20 years of experience providing Spanish tutoring services, we ensure that all the lessons delivered are of the highest quality. Our courses are tailor made to your Spanish learning objectives. We provide all our teachers a wide array of resources and books that are available for consulting in our office as well as in our company google drive. Students are also allowed to access such resources upon request. We carefully select all our Spanish Tutors to guarantee that they are not only native and qualified but also engaging and able to deliver efficient and interactive lessons. 

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Our teachers are determined to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Various resources will be offered to you in order to speed up your progress and make sure you achieve your goals at your desired pace. Books, materials and homework will be provided.


+ 20 years of experience

Our Competitive Advantage

We have been offering spanish tutoring services since 2000. Our  background and experience is a guarantee that we provide top notch spanish lessons to our students. If for whatever reason you are disappointed at one of our Spanish teachers, rest assured that we will provide you a different one.
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We Put our Students First

Our Program Coordinator provides continuous training to our Spanish Tutors. Workshops take place regularly  to update teachers of any changes of syllabus, new teaching techniques and available tools. With a big pool of books and resources available the classes delivered are of the highest quality. You can find out more about our Spanish Courses.

Questions and answers

Where do lessons take place?

You can learn at your home, at your office, in a café that is convenient for you or in our location. We will recommend you a Spanish Tutor that is willing to travel where you are to make the lessons as convenient as possible. For some locations there might be an extra surcharge for the tutor to travel to your desired place.

Can I choose my Spanish Tutor?

Yes you can. Depending on where you want to have the lessons and your budget we will recommend you the tutors that are willing to travel to your location. All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced teaching Spanish but if for whatever reason you are not happy with your teacher we will offer you an alternative.

Can I cancel or re-schedule lessons?

Yes. You need to inform us 24 hours in advance for any changes or cancelations. In case of sickness a 2 hours advance notice + doctor sick leave proof is required. 

What if my availability changes?

Usually all our teachers have the same schedule every week. For an easier arrangement is highly recommended to keep the same schedule every week and if one specific class you can't make it that day/time you can let us know to reschedule to a different day/time. If your schedule keeps changing the teacher will try its best to adapt to you, keeping in mind that they will always have similar available slots, for example Mondays and Wednesdays after 6pm and Tuesdays and Fridays morning.

How are payments being handled?

You don't need to pay in advance. You can settle the fees after every lesson or at the end of every month based on the lessons you had. You can pay by cash directly to your tutor, by credit card via our online platform or by doing a deposit into our bank account.

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