Our Spanish Tutors team 

Here is a list of our top Spanish teachers (Premium Spanish tutors and Expert Spanish tutors) at Spanish Tutors London. Only the most prominent teachers are being listed in this page. If you would like more information about our Standard Spanish tutors please do not hesitate to contact us and we can give you more details about the rest of our team.


Jorge Rodriguez

Head of Teaching

Jorge Rodriguez has almost 10 years of teaching experience helping students to prepare for the IGCSE, IB and DELE exams. He loves the students that  works with and enjoys helping them reach new academic heights.

Beatriz Martín

Senior Spanish Tutor

After tutoring Spanish privately for many years, Bea joined Spanish Tutors London as its Personal Tutor. Her passion, knowledge and expertise has helped numerous students achieve academic success.

Miguel Hernández

Premium Spanish Tutor

Miguel has a master in teaching from University of La Rioja as well as a degree in Pedagogy. He has been helping students prepare for the GCSE exams for 6 years and knows all the exam drills that helps students improve Spanish fast.


Estela Sanchón

Premium Spanish Tutor

Estela has joined Spanish Tutors London after completing their MA in Teaching Spanish as  a Foreign Language. Her heart beats for teaching and learning, and this shows in the numerous students who have boosted their scores thanks to her guidance.

Maria Rubio

Senior Spanish Tutor

With a master in teaching Spanish as a Foreign language from University of Barcelona and more than 5 years of experience teaching Spanish, María is one of our most popular teachers. She is engaging fun and extremely resourceful

Carlos Lanta

Senior  Spanish Tutor

After being a Spanish tutor in London for 4 years Carlos has become quite popular. He holds a Degree in translation and a master in Teaching. He gets on well with adult students who are passionate to learn the language.